Inpatient facilities

Cardiac E2Congenital Cardiac Services offer unsurpassed resources and facilities for our patients.

Young patients benefit from a refurbished and well-supported bespoke children's ward, Ocean ward.

Adults being treated by Congenital Cardiac Services currently stay on ward E2.

The department's state-of-the-art catheter lab boasts complex imaging equipment that is specially used for patients with congenital heart problems.

The lab is also adjacent to the cardiac operating theatre and MRI scanner, providing different elements of care in unique proximity. It means the risk from complications is lessened – and once a course of treatment has been set, it can begin almost immediately.

 The department also has close working relationships with facilities around the hospital, including the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

Ward E2

Ward E2 is a cardiac ward which offers expert medical and surgical treatment for adults with congenital heart conditions, both newly diagnosed and patients requiring continual medical and surgical care.

Care is provided for adults from 16 years of age.

The ward philosophy requires the medical and nursing teams to work very closely together with outpatients in the planning and management of their care, ensuring all patients are always included in any decisions or treatment plans.