Outpatients (diagnosis and follow-up)

Cardiac outpatient department: nursing staff (photo by Jonathan Upton)We run regular outpatient clinics to diagnose and follow-up adult congenital heart conditions.

Most clinics are held in East Wing of Southampton General Hospital - find out more about our facilities and directions to the clinic.

The joint obstetric and congenital cardiac clinic is held at the Princess Anne Hospital.

A member of the team smilingWhen you arrive, you'll be booked in at reception. Please bring your appointment letter with you. A nurse will collect you from the waiting area when we're ready for you.

Your test results and notes will be given to the doctor. They may recommend that you come into hospital as a day case or inpatient for further tests or procedures, or may discuss your treatment with you, such as a change to your medication.

Patient's height being checked (photo by Jonathan Upton)We'll usually measure your height and weight to calculate your body mass index (BMI), and give you an electrocardiogram (ECG). Your preliminary tests may also include taking your blood pressure and measuring the oxygen saturation levels of your blood (this doesn't involve a blood test). You may also have an echocardiogram (ECHO). Find out more about electrocardiograms and echocardiograms.

Adult congenital heart conditions tend to be complicated, and consultations can run over and cause delays. Please allow two to three hours to spend at the clinic.

We are a teaching hospital, and might ask if you are happy for a student doctor or nurse to be present for part of your appointment.

It's very important that you keep your outpatient follow-up appointments even if you feel fit and well. Everybody with a congenital heart condition needs lifelong follow up.