Congenital Cardiac Services

North wing (photograph by Jonathan Upton)Southampton's congenital cardiac service has a long and well-recognised history of treating children, teenagers and adults with congenital heart conditions.

Congenital heart conditions can affect the heart and the major blood vessels and are present from an early stage of fetal life. Problems include holes in the heart, narrowed arteries or veins, dysfunctional valves and disorders of the heart muscle. Many of these conditions are now diagnosed before or just after birth, but they can also be identified at any stage of life.

Our expert multidisciplinary team - including cardiologists, surgeons and other specialist healthcare professionals - assess, diagnose and care for many patients with a variety of heart conditions. This care ranges from outpatient assessment follow-up to inpatient care, which may include medical therapy, cardiology-based intervention and surgery.

This service is part of the cardiovascular and thoracic unit at Southampton General Hospital. Our unit is one of the largest and most reputable cardiac centres in the UK. Our extensive experience, pioneering research and innovative treatments have benefitted many patients. We also take more complex referrals from all over the UK and beyond, for those needing 'supra specialist' care. Meet our adult specialists and children's specialists.

The unit is divided into two areas:

The congenital cardiac service also runs special transition clinics for teenagers, to help with the move from the children’s service to the adult service.