Post TAVI care

Going home

The length of hospital stay following a TAVI is dependent upon a number things, including whether access for the procedure was obtained via the groin or the chest wall. The average length of stay is approximately eight days, however, our shortest stay to date has been four days post procedure.

Before leaving hospital medical staff will ensure that all wounds have been checked and blood results are satisfactory. A transthoracic echocardiogram (an echo) will be repeated prior to discharge to check the placement and function of the new valve. All medication will be ordered and explained to you. 

Follow up

We ask that all patients return to our outpatient department eight weeks after the procedure. This is to check that you are well following the TAVI, and allows the team to assess your symptoms. 

Your local cardiologist will then take over the care. However, the TAVI team ask that patients return to Southampton on an annual basis to enable us to monitor how the new valves function over time.