Dr Dhrubo Rakhit

The TAVI work up

The TAVI work up is a series of essential hospital tests. These tests are used to make sure that TAVI is a safe procedure for you, and that the aortic stenosis is severe enough to treat.

The tests may include:

  • a chest x-ray - to look at your lungs
  • an ECG  - to check your heart rhythm
  • lung function tests - to see how well your lungs work 
  • a transthoracic echocardiogram - externally looking at your heart with ultrasound
  • a trans-oesophageal echocardiogram - also known as a TOE, a more detailed look at your heart using ultrasound
  • a CT aorta - a special x-ray that looks at the middle section of your body
  • a coronary angiogram - to look at the coronary arteries that supply blood to your heart.

You may have already had some of these procedures, in which case the TAVI team will decide whether they need to be repeated. You may be admitted for an overnight stay during which we will endeavour to complete the majority of the tests required. Alternatively, we may ask you to come in for separate outpatient appointments.

What happens after the TAVI work up

After you have completed the tests your case will be discussed at a weekly TAVI multi-disciplinary team meeting. Your results will be reviewed and the team will decide on the best plan of care.

The TAVI nurse specialist will co-ordinate your care plan and will discuss the outcome of the meeting with you, ensuring that all of your questions are answered. The consultant who referred you to the TAVI team will receive a letter stating what the team feel is your best treatment option.