Amputee and carer support

Amputee and carer support in Southampton (ACSIS) is an amputee group in Southampton offering support to amputees and their family and friends.

There are around 60 lower limb amputations carried out in Southampton alone each year. The reason for this varies, but the outcome is often the same and people face similar challenges every day.

This group gives you a chance to have a chat and a coffee, and also to become involved, if you wish, in pre and post operative patient support by visiting or being a friend at the end of a phone and is particularly useful if:

  • You have already undergone the amputation of a limb
  • You are waiting to have an amputation.
  • You are a friend, carer or relative of an amputee.
  • You are a healthcare professional who would like to know more about the challenges faced pre and post op amputation.

The group provides an informal environment to ask questions which you may be unsure about asking such as ‘do I sleep with my prosthesis on?’  It also provides inspiration in finding out how others have overcome challenges, or amended things in their lives to make the most of their new beginning.

The group also provides an educational opportunity for healthcare staff to understand the personal challenges faced by amputees, and with this knowledge we can ensure that we provide the best possible care for amputees. There is no joining fee and all are very welcome.