Vascular services

Our vascular unit sees patients from south Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands and the Falklands. Our staff have a special interest in disorders of the blood vessels. There is clear evidence that specialist units that routinely work with patients with vascular conditions have better outcomes than general surgery units that infrequently work with vascular patients. This is why we see more complicated patients from the surrounding area.

Most vascular surgery involves artery and vein problems, but we also see patients with lymphoedema, abnormal sweating (hyperhidrosis), trapped nerves in the shoulder (thoracic outlet syndrome) and provide back-up support for the heart teams and during some cancer surgery.

Find out more about the medical conditions we see in vascular services and meet our team.

How to find us

Your appointment with the vascular services team will be detailed on your pre-assessment and/or admission letters. The maps below will help you find your way around Southampton General Hospital.