Children's neurosurgery

Our unit serves patients from across the South, covering around three million people. We also see patients from further afield. We have our own facility, G2 children's neurosurgery, on child health G level.

We are one of the few hospitals that can treat all patients from birth to old age on the same site.

Families are an important part of the team, and you are encouraged to be present as much as you wish during your child's stay. We try to make the stay on our ward as happy and stress free as possible.

Over the last five years we have continued to develop our service. We now have a clinical nurse specialist for epilepsy neurosurgery, looking after patients who have epilepsy and a vagal nerve stimulator inserted.

Our outcomes

In 2014, we treated 273 children. We performed 140 procedures for hydrocephalus, 31 for tumours, 26 for trauma and 20 spinal procedures. Our overall mortality rate was 1.2%, compared to a national rate of 6.7%. Our head injury 30 day mortality was 0% (compared to 1.9% nationally), and head injury overall mortality 3.3% (this is 10% nationally). Our primary VP shunt insertion rate was 0% for 2014 (national average 5%).