Education and training programmes

For patients

Epilepsy Education and trainingInformation and education is offered on an individual basis, depending on a person’s needs. Please contact us for more details.

For health professionals

Please see the information about epilepsy education and training programmes we have for health professionals on the extranet.

Epilepsy awareness and rescue medication training

This course is designed for parents, carers and health professionals involved in supporting people with epilepsy. It focuses on developing an awareness of epilepsy and the administration of rescue medications. The course can be split into either 'epilepsy awareness training' or 'rescue medication update'.

Candidates must have completed the epilepsy awareness training in a previous year before booking onto a rescue medication course. Please see download on the top right for more details.

The expert patients programme

The expert patients programme is a free course for anyone living with a long-term health condition. It helps you take control and learn skills to assist you to:

  • manage your symptoms,
  • deal with anger, fear, frustration and depression
  • solve problems as they arise
  • relax effectively
  • eat more healthily
  • be more active
  • work more closely with the people involved in your care
  • plan for a better future.

Other training

We may able to offer other training regarding epilepsy or provide contact details for other trainers. If you have specific needs or requirements please contact us on or telephone 023 8120 8623.