Fundraising and charity work

The epilepsy specialist team are involved in fundraising and supporting charities working with people with epilepsy regionally, nationally and internationally.


The epilepsy specialist nurses have set up a charitable fund as part of Southampton Hospital Charity and have raised money that is used to directly benefit patients with epilepsy in the Wessex region. To date they have tried to make the video telemetry week less of an ordeal by providing a flat screen TV, DVD player, games console, DVDs, CDs, books and art equipment for the patients as well as brightening up the room with pictures. They have also purchased six video cameras to be used by staff and patients to record seizures to help with diagnosis and epilepsy management.

Smaller projects have involved developing and printing patient leaflets.

If you have any thoughts about what might have helped you or your friend or family member with epilepsy had it been available please let us know – we always welcome fresh ideas.


The epilepsy specialist team work with both national societies offering teaching, support and advice at events and fundraising at road shows in public areas.

Epilepsy Action:

Epilepsy Society:


The epilepsy nurses and Dr Prevett are involved in epilepsy projects in Ethiopia, Ghana and Palestine.

The projects are committed to improving health services by improving capacity and sustainable access to healthcare for people with epilepsy and helping to train and empower front-line health workers through teaching and ongoing support.

We are involved in fundraising and directly supporting the projects.

If you are interested in any of the charitable and fundraising work we are doing and would like to know more please contact us on 023 8120 8623 or