Meet the team


BURKE Georgina 110x110.jpg

Dr Georgina Burke

Dr Burke provides a neurology service to Portsmouth and a specialist myasthenia and neuromuscular service for Wessex. This includes neuromuscular patients transitioning from childrens to adult services.

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Dr Sarah Cader

Dr Cader works as a consultant in neurology in Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and Wessex Neurological Centre, Southampton. She conducts specialist multiple sclerosis clinics at the Wessex Neurological Centre on Tuesday afternoons, and general neurology clinics in Basingstoke.

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Dr Nancy Colchester 

Dr Colchester is a consultant neurologist who started her consultant post here in June 2016. She does two general neurology clinics per week, and participates in the acute neurology rota, providing a neurology service for inpatients around the hospital. She is also part of the acute stroke service.

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FRANKEL Jonathan 110x110.jpg

Dr Jonathan Frankel

Dr Frankel joined the Trust in 1995, and has an special interest in movement disorders.

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Dr Boyd Ghosh

Dr Ghosh works across Salisbury and Southampton, seeing mostly general neurology patients in Salisbury and patients with cognitive disorders and atypical movement disorders in Southampton.

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GIBB William 110x110.jpg

Dr William Gibb

Dr Gibb runs clinics in general neurology, movement disorders, and botulinum therapy. He established a joint clinic in Huntington's disease.

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HALFPENNY Christopher 110x110.jpg

Dr Christopher Halfpenny

Dr Halfpenny joined the Trust in 2007. He has an interest in multiple sclerosis and related neuroinflammatory disorders of the central nervous system.

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HAMMANS Simon110x110.jpg

Dr Simon Hammans

Dr Hammans holds a weekly clinic in muscle disease and neurogenetics in Southampton. He's also the director of the regional muscle and nerve service for Wessex.

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Dr Haider Katifi

Dr Katifi joined the Trust in 1992, and has a special interest in peripheral nerve disorders.

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KINTON Lucy 110x110.jpg

Dr Lucy Kinton

Dr Kinton has a special interest in epilepsy, and runs an epilepsy clinic for patients with intractable epilepsy.

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KIPPS Christopher110x110.jpg

Dr Christopher Kipps

Dr Kipps has general medicine and neurology experience from a wide variety of settings and has a particular interest in cognitive and movement disorders.

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Dr Joanna Kitley

Dr Kitley has a special interest in multiple sclerosis and neuroinflammation. She holds clinics at Southampton General Hospital on Thursday afternoons.

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LOVETT Joanna110x110.jpg

Dr Joanna Lovett

Dr Lovett has a special interest in stroke. She developed the 24 hour stroke thrombolysis service in Southampton General Hospital.

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MANSON Alice110x110.jpg

Dr Alice Manson

Dr Manson has a special interest in movement disorders, and has extensive experience in the management of complex Parkinson's disease.

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Dr Adrian Miller 

Dr Miller has a special interest in neuromuscular disorders. He holds neuromuscular and motor neurone disease clinics.

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Dr Rhiannon Morris

Dr Morris has a special interest in stroke. She's part of the hospital's acute neurology service and is on the rota for acute stroke care.

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Professor Karen Morrisson


PENGAS George 110x110.jpg

Dr George Pengas

Dr Pengas joined the Trust in 2009, and has has special interests in cognitive neurology, normal pressure hydrocephalus, general neurology and acute neurology.

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PINTO Ashwin110x110.jpg

Dr Ashwin Pinto

Dr Pinto has a special interest in myasthenia gravis and motor neurone disease. He was responsible for establishing the myasthenia clinic and the plasma exchange service.

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PREVETT Martin110x110.jpg

Dr Martin Prevett

Dr Prevett has over ten years of experience as a consultant, diagnosing and managing general neurology and epilepsy.

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Dr Claudio Ruffman



Dr Sean Slaght

As well as providing general neurology and specialist epilepsy services to outpatients in Portsmouth, Dr Slaght runs a specialist epilepsy clinic at Southampton General Hospital.

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Dr A Turner


WEIR Nicolas110x110.jpg

Dr Nicolas Weir

Dr Weir joined the Trust in 2009, and has a special interest in stroke.

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Contact the consultants

  • Julie Pugi (secretary to Dr Katifi, Dr Gibb, Dr Manson, Dr Lovett and Dr Rakowicz)
    Call 023 8120 6781

  • Vicky Brown (secretary to Dr Pinto, Dr Burke, Lisa Joyce (myasthenia specialist nurse) and Prof Karen Morrison)
    Call 023 8120 6783
  • Diane Hillier (secretary to Dr Frankel, Dr Morris and Dr Weir)
    Call 023 8120 8725
  • Mary Hayes (secretary to Dr Kinton, Dr Prevett and Dr Slaght)
    Call 023 8120 5771
  • Rosalind Harlow (secretary to Dr Kipps, Dr Pengas and Dr Colchester)
    Call 023 8120 5434
  • Linda Vince (secretary to Dr Hutchings, Dr Thomas, Dr Ruffman, Clare Erridge, and epilepsy nurse specialists)
    Call 023 8120 5488
  • Claire Stanley (secretary to Dr Ghosh, Dr Hammans, Dr Kiss-Csenki, Dr Massey, Dr Miller, Sunitha Narayan and Jade Donnelly (neuromuscular co-ordinators))
    Call 023 8120 4030
  • Jacqui Carrington, SAT team leader and neurology care coordinator
    Call 023 8120 5282

Special nurses and co-ordinators

Multiple sclerosis

  • Carrie Day, lead multiple sclerosis specialist nurse
  • Lesley Kempson, multiple sclerosis specialist nurse
  • Carlene Ford, multiple sclerosis infusion nurse
    Call 023 8120 6864


  • Sara Kerley, epilepsy specialist nurse
  • Sinead Blake, epilepsy specialist nurse
  • Pamela Logan, epilepsy specialist nurse
    Call 023 8120 8623

Myasthenia gravis

  • Lisa Joyce, myasthenia gravis specialist nurse
    Call 07747 473769

Parkinson’s disease

  • Alex McEwan, Parkinson’s disease specialist nurse
    Call 07775 119211

Motor neurone disease

  • Clare Erridge, motor neurone disease co-ordinator
    Call 023 8120 6544


  • Tracey-Jane Bailey, lead stroke specialist nurse
    Call 023 8120 4459