Diagnosis and treatment

NICU treats a wide range of conditions. These include:

The team uses a wide range of diagnostic, monitoring and treatment techniques to help treat patients in the best possible way. We will be monitoring a variety of measurements, which can include:

  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Blood pressure
  • The levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • Temperature
  • Level of consciousness
  • Intracranial pressure (the pressure within the skull)
  • Cerebral perfusion pressure (the difference between the mean arterial pressure and the intracranial pressure, which gives an estimate of the amount of blood flow to the brain)

There will be tubes, wires and equipment around the patients. Many of our patients are on life-support machines. The unit staff can explain what these are and what they do.

Patients from outside the immediate Southampton area will only remain on NICU for the time they need specialist intensive care. Once this period is completed they may be transferred back to their own hospital for continued care.