Why choose us?

The NICU at the Wessex Neurological Centre is a national leader in the treatment of brain and spinal diseases. We are proud of the continued excellent results achieved by good quality multi-disciplinary care.

  • NICU has 24 hour cover from a member of the consultant intensivist team. There is a consultant led ward round three times a day on weekdays and at least once a day at weekends.
  • The unit has written protocols for the management of the most common conditions seen on the unit. These have been shown to improve patient outcomes and provide a good basis for multi-disciplinary training. The protocols have been adopted on other NICUs nationally.
  • The NICU has an outreach team to follow-up the care of patients who have been recently discharged to the wards and to identify ward patients who may benefit from our care. Less than 5% of patients are readmitted within 48 hours of ICU discharge.
  • The programme for training of critical care technicians has been recognised by the Department of Health as a national pilot scheme and has received more than £60,000 in support.
  • The physiotherapy team have received national recognition for the care they provide and Lorraine Clapham was awarded National Physiotherapist of the Year in 2007.
  • NICU is currently participating in three national or international studies into the best treatments for patients with severe brain or spinal injuries.
  • Mortality from severe head injury is less than 15% compared to a national figure of more than 30% for neurosciences intensive care units and more than 60% for district general ICUs. The long-term follow up of patients with severe head injury shows that more than 40% return to full time work or education that again exceeds the national averages.
  • In 2007 and 2008, there was only one case of MRSA found in the bloodstream of a patient on NICU – this was later found to be a contaminant and the patient recovered well. In 2008 there were three cases of clostridium difficile infection identified. These were treated successfully with no spread to other patients.