Meet the team

Our team includes a range of specialist clinicians, including

  • radiologists
  • oncological (cancer) surgeons
  • plastic and reconstructive surgeons
  • medical oncologists (supervising chemotherapy)
  • radiation oncologists (supervising radiotherapy)
  • histopathologists and cytopathologists
  • breast care nurse specialists.

Breast surgeons

CUTRESS Ramsey110.jpg

Professor Ramsey Cutress

Prof Cutress joined the Trust as a consultant breast surgeon in 2009.

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Mazari, Mr Fayyaz (breast surgery)

Mr Fayyaz A. K. Mazari 

Mr Mazari provides a full range of oncoplastic breast services including breast conservation surgery, partial breast reconstruction, total breast reconstruction after mastectomy, revision and symmetrisation surgery. 

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REW David110.jpg

Mr David Rew

Mr Rew specialises in hernia surgery and disorders of the breast and endocrine system (glands that produce hormones to regulate functions like mood, growth and sexual function).

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ROYAL Gavin110.jpg

Mr Gavin Royle

Mr Royle has specialist experience in all aspects of breast disease, thyroid and parathyroid surgery. He provides a rapid diagnosis clinic for soft tissue lumps and hernias.

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Dr Tracey Simoes  

Dr Simoes is an associate specialist breast surgeon. 


Miss Christina Summerhayes

Miss Summerhayes has a sub-specialty interest in breast reconstruction and oncoplastic surgery. She is currently the service improvement lead for the breast unit.

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Consultant medical oncologists

SIMMONDS Peter110.jpg

Dr Peter Simmonds

Dr Simmonds has extensive experience in the non-surgical management of breast cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcomas and testicular cancer.

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COPSON Ellen110.jpg

Dr Ellen Copson

Dr Copson has specialised in the medical management of early and metastatic breast cancer since 2008. She has a particular interest in the diagnosis and management of familial breast cancer.

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Consultant clinical oncologists


Dr Diana Ayres

Dr Ayres is a clinical oncologist, with a sub-specialty interest in breast cancer and lymphoma.

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CROWLEY Clare110.jpg

Dr Clare Crowley

Dr Crowley has extensive experience of skin and breast malignancies including systemic treatments and technical radiotherapy developments, particularly intensity modulated and image guided radiotherapy.

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MARSHALL Jenny110.jpg

Dr Jennifer Marshall

Dr Marshall has experience in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy for treatment of early stage and metastatic breast cancer, as well as radioiodine therapy and external beam radiotherapy for thyroid cancer.

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RAJ Sanjay110.jpg

Dr Sanjay Raj

Dr Raj is experienced in treating early stage and advanced breast cancer using chemotherapy, radiotherapy and endocrine and biological agents.

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Dr Charles Hamilton

Dr Hamilton is a consultant clinical oncologist.

Consultant radiologists

RUBIN Caroline110.jpg

Dr Caroline Rubin, director of breast screening

Dr Rubin is a consultant radiologist, with sub-specialty interests in breast imaging and ultrasound.

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STAHNKE Michaela110.jpg

Dr Michaela Stahnke

Dr Stahnke has experience in all aspects of breast imaging including breast MRI and vacuum assisted core biopsy as well as routine and emergency greneral radiology.

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Dr Ruth Walker

Dr Walker joined the Trust in 2007.

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OEPPEN Rachel110.jpg

Dr Rachel Oeppen

Dr Oeppen is a consultant radiologist with a sub-specialty interest in breast imaging and screening.

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Dr Alexis Grima


Support staff

The clinical team is supported by a range of specialist allied health professionals, including

  • breast radiographers
  • x-ray support staff

We also have secretaries and administrators and a team coordinator.

Our team has links to other specialist multidisciplinary teams in Southampton and across the region to allow patients to be transferred where appropriate.

We meet once a week to review the diagnosis and treatment of all current patients, and to agree the best individual diagnostic and treatment options for each patient.