Blood and urine tests

If you have a suspected neuroendocrine tumour, blood and urine tests will be carried out to help confirm the diagnosis - they are also used as part of the follow up treatment. 

Fasting gut hormone

This is a fasting blood test to help diagnose NETs. The test looks for any excess gut hormones that the tumour may be producing which may help with diagnosis. You will need to have nothing to eat or drink (except for water) for at least six hours prior to the test. Test results can take a few weeks to process.

Chromogranin A and B

These are proteins (tumour markers) which can be measured in the bloodstream. The proteins are often found to be elevated if a NET is present, and can be helpful for ongoing monitoring of tumour activity, but is not always the case. These test results usually take a few weeks to come through.

Urine 5-HIAA

This is a 24 hour urine collection which measures the amount of serotonin breakdown products in your body. This test helps to diagnose carcinoid syndrome, and can help monitor the effectiveness of treatment. You will need to avoid certain foods a few days before the test and the day of the test. A list will be provided with the collection bottle.