University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the team: Piam Brown unit

Children are cared for by a large multidisciplinary team, including doctors, specialist nurses, dieticians, psychological care workers, play and school staff. Our aim is to work together to provide high quality family centred care to patients with cancer and haematological conditions.



  • Dr Lorraine Gordon

Specialist nursing team

Sally Coole, lead nurse
Leigh Shaw, senior sister (inpatient ward)
Mandy Day, sister (day care)
Naomi Watson, paediatric oncology outreach nurse

Play team

Claire Pickett, play leader
Karon Smart, play specialist

Research and clinical trials team

Jo Grout, research nurse
Chris Blackwell, clinical trials coordinator
Dawn Chalk, data manager
Ruth Mursell, data manager

All our staff will be wearing a name badge. If someone is not wearing a name badge and you are unsure who they are, please check with a nurse.