University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the team

We have a large team working together to look after your child, including doctors, specialist nurses, dietitians, psychological care workers, play and school staff.


  • Dr Juliet Gray, consultant paediatric oncologist (department lead)
  • Dr Gary Nicolin, consultant paediatric oncologist
  • Dr Ramya Ramanujachar, consultant paediatric oncologist
  • Dr Jessica Bate, consultant paediatric oncologist
  • Dr Sarah Curry, consultant paediatric oncologist
  • Dr Amy Mitchell, locum consultant paediatric oncologist
  • Dr Gregory Harvet, locum consultant paediatric haematologist
  • Dr Clare Bowley, speciality doctor in paediatric oncology and haematology
  • Dr Diana Brook, speciality doctor in paediatric oncology
  • Dr Michelle Koh, consultant in paediatric palliative care
  • Mr Robert Wheeler, consultant paediatric surgeon
  • Mr Charlie Keys, consultant paediatric surgeon
  • Mr Nigel Hall, consultant paediatric surgeon

Nursing team

Leigh Shaw (senior sister)
Mandy Day and Sharon Chamberlain (day ward sisters)

Play team

Claire Pickett and Hayley Camp

Paediatric oncology outreach nurses

Naomi Watson, Julia Whatley and Rachel Burnell

Research nurses

Katie Johnson and Rachel Beckingham


Amy Savage


Claire Fosbrook and Colin Harper


Caroline Fealey

Clinical trials co-ordinator

Ruth Lawrence

Data managers

Marlene Brito and Shannon Cawte

All of our staff wear name badges. If you're not sure who someone is, please check with a nurse.