University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Children's endocrinology service

The paediatric endocrinology service aims to provide high quality care, that is delivered by accredited specialists in paediatric endocrinology in accordance with best practice.  Referrals are taken from across the Wessex region for any child with a suspected endocrine disorder and from existing paediatric specialists. Children with diabetes are managed separately.
We aim to improve patients’ understanding of their illness and promote self-management where appropriate. Education for patients and families (regarding illness and medication) is provided in addition to outpatient clinic visits. At the time of diagnosis, booklets and other information are provided, along with contact details given of support groups.

The paediatric endocrinology team consists of:

  • Dr Justin Davies - consultant paediatric endocrinologist and service lead
  • Dr Nicola Trevelyan - consultant paediatrician
  • Dr Nikki Davis - consultant paediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist
  • Pauline Musson - specialist paediatric endocrine nurse
  • Stephanie Kerr - specialist paediatric endocrine nurse

For general enquiries, a message can be left with the endocrine specialist nurses on 023 8120 8719 or 023 8120 6985.