University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

What happens when you arrive?

The waiting room at the children's outpatient departmentWhen you arrive at the department, please book in at Reception where a member of the team will check your child's details. Most children will then be weighed and measured and some may have their blood pressure measured and urine tested if it is necessary. You will be asked to sit in the waiting room until the doctor calls you.

We make every effort to keep to your appointment time. However, some children may require a longer time with the doctor, which in turn makes clinics run a little later.

Please allow plenty of time for your visit; sometimes a visit to another department  such as X-ray may be necessary or your child may need a blood test. If you are concerned about the waiting time, speak with the nurse running your clinic who may be able to help you. Be aware that the waiting room is for many clinics running at the same time and not everyone is there for the same clinic as you. Please also note that we do not supply disposable nappies, so remember to bring some spare!