University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Neonatal physiotherapy

The neonatal physiotherapy team provide both inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services for children under the age of two.


The service provides early assessment and advice for babies at risk of developmental problems. It also undertakes specific assessment for respiratory management if required, as well as the assessment of any developmental musculoskeletal, neuromuscular conditions while they are on the neonatal unit.

Positioning and handling advice to both parents and staff is also provided.

Neurodevelopmental input is provided by the team for those neonates that have complex medical needs requiring prolonged hospital stays.

The team also provide neurodevelopmental rehabilitation to those under the age of two with acquired brain injury. 

Occupational therapists within the team help to look at appropriate seating and car seats for patients. They are also able to provide splinting for those patients that require this service.


Developmental assessments are provided by the team for babies at risk who have been discharged from the neonatal unit and for those referred from the developmental or paediatric clinics. There is a close liaison with the community service for those that require ongoing management at home. 


  • Denise Hart 
  • Rotational member of staff