University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the team

We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team providing high quality care for sick and premature babies.

We believe in learning and professional development, and we ensure that a motivated and enthusiastic team is caring for your baby. 

Consultant neonatologists

These are the most senior doctors and lead a team of other doctors and nurse practitioners. They have overall responsibility for babies on the unit.

Each baby will have a named consultant on admission for the duration of their stay.

Each consultant has their own areas of particular interest, and leads a ward round each day when the management and care of the baby is discussed. 

Dr Kelly Brown

Professor Howard Clark (research lead)

Dr Sarah Davidson 

Dr Helen Fielder

Dr Kevin Goss

Dr Mark Johnson

Dr Freya Pearson (clinical lead) 

Dr Victoria Puddy (Wessex neonatal ODN clinical lead )

Dr Alok Sharma

Dr Bala Thyagarajan


Consultant paediatric surgeons

These are senior surgeons who perform any surgical procedures. They work closely with the clinical surgical nurse specialist.

Mr David Burge (neonatal lead)

Mr Nigel Hall (neonatal surgical lead)

Mr Charlie Keys (paediatric surgical lead)

Ms Lara Kitteringham

Mr Ori Ron 

Mr Mike Stanton

Mr Robert Wheeler


Unit matron

This is the person in charge of the nursing staff on the unit. Our matron is Fiona Lawson. 


Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners (ANNPs)

These staff are experienced neonatal nurses who have studied the care of sick infants. Their job is similar to that of a doctor, so they are responsible for the medical management of the babies. They perform some procedures and are qualified to prescribe medication. 


Clinical education team

Clinical educators are responsible for the continuing training of intensive care medical staff, such as the nurses and physios. Nursing staff undergo a rigourous training programme before joining NICU and are kept up to date with latest techniques and developments.

Our clinical education lead is Tamsyn Crane.


Surgical nurse specialist

The surgical nurse specialist works with babies who are having surgery and liaises with their families.


Family care support team

These nursing staff are responsible for providing support to the family. This may include emotional support and helping families find accommodation or bereavement counselling.



Technicians ensure that the vital NICU equipment and machinery is safe and operating correctly. They also help when babies are being transferred to other hospitals. 


Paediatric physiotherapist

Most babies need physiotherapy to help their breathing or improve their limb movement and natural growth and development. The physiotherapist will visit babies on the unit and may also see them as outpatients.



The pharmacist puts together, checks and dispenses medication for sick and premature infants. They will carry out regular ward rounds to ensure medication is appropriate for each baby. 


Clinical dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy for patients.They assess patients' nutritional needs, develop and implement nutrition programmes and evaluate and report the results.

Speech and language therapist

Speech and language therapists provide life-changing treatment, supporting care for patients experiencing difficulties with eating, drinking and swallowing.

Liaison health visitor

The liaison health visitor works with families who have been allowed to take their babies home.


Breastfeeding support team

There is a breastfeeding support team to support women with breastfeeding. The team run regular clinics to give advice to women, both in the hospital and in the community. They are also responsible for running the unit's milk bank. 


Social work team

The paediatric social work team works with families to talk through the emotional aspects of having a baby in NICU, as well as the practicalities of the long-term care of the child.


A member of the hospital chaplaincy will work closely with the families of NICU babies to offer spiritual and emotional support. They see members of all faiths and religions, including people with no religion.


Administrative staff

Administrative staff book appointments, send out letters and use hospital systems to ensure the unit runs efficiently.

Data team

The data team analyse figures and carry out audits to ensure we are meeting statutory requirements. They aim to ensure information that is recorded in our various systems is accurate and complete. They also train new and existing staff on the use of hospital systems.