The referral process

For non-urgent referrals please write to us or use the cancer genetics or general genetics referral forms. Please let your patient know they are being referred to us. 

Please note that national genetics services are regional in nature - you can access more information here

The Wessex Clinical Genetics Service covers the following catchment areas:

  • Hampshire
  • Dorset
  • Isle of Wight
  • Salisbury

For patients and referrers outside these areas, it may be more appropriate or convenient to use one of our sister services. Adjoining catchment areas are: 

A consultant clinical geneticist and genetic counsellor will review the referral and decide on the action to be taken. You can write to any of us, but the clinical team responsible for the geographical area in which the patient lives will normally see the patient. The exception is when a specialist service offered in Southampton would be more appropriate. Please read the meet the team pages for a summary of which staff members cover a specific geographic area or specialist clinic.

Please send all referrals to:

Wessex Clinical Genetics Service
Mailpoint 627
G Level
Princess Anne Hospital
Coxford Road
SO16 5YA

Secure email:
Patient information should be sent to this address, and should only be sent from another address.

Urgent referrals, such as those involving an ongoing pregnancy should be faxed. Dr Diana Wellesley is lead geneticist for the prenatal service.

Fax: 023 8120 4346

Ward referrals for review of a current inpatient can also be requested and we are currently developing a dedicated ward referral form. In the meantime, please call to discuss the patient so that the clinical need can be assessed.

If you are unsure whether to refer, please telephone the department and ask to speak to a member of the clinical team. One of our doctors or genetic counsellors will be pleased to answer any general or referral queries.

Telephone: 023 8120 6170

Request forms for genetic tests are available on the Wessex Regional Genetic Laboratory website.

Cancer genetics referrals

When making a referral please provide as much information as possible. Your patient will be asked to complete a family history questionnaire (FHQ). It is helpful if the FHQ is completed and sent with the referral letter. If the patient is asked to complete a FHQ by us and this is not returned within six weeks your patient may not be offered an appointment. 

General genetics (non-cancer) referrals

A family history questionnaire is not currently required for general genetics (non-cancer) referrals. However, if appropriate please provide as much clinical and family history information as possible.