General genetics (non-cancer) team



Dr Katherine Lachlan, clinical lead

Area covered: Portsmouth
Specialist clinic: Disorders of sexual development

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TEMPLE Karen110x110.jpg

Professor Karen Temple

Specialist clinics: Endocrine, growth and imprinting disorders

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FOULDS Nicola110x110.jpg

Dr Nicola Foulds 

Area covered: Southampton
Specialist clinic: Neurogenetics

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BARALLE Diana110x110.jpg

Dr Diana Baralle

Areas covered: Winchester and Salisbury
Specialist clinic: Eye genetics

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WELLESLEY Diana110x110.jpg

Dr Diana Wellesley

Specialist clinic: Prenatal genetics

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HARRISON Victoria110x110.jpg

Dr Vicki Harrison

Area covered: Dorset

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MERCER Catherine110x110.jpg

Dr Catherine Mercer

Specialist clinic: Inherited cardiac conditions

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Locum consultants


Dr Mira Kharbanda

Areas covered: Dorset

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Dr Rita Ibitoye

Areas covered: Basingstoke, Gosport and Isle of Wight
Specialist clinics: metabolic bone disease and orthogenetics

Consultant genetic counsellors

Melanie Watson

  • Area covered: Salisbury
  • Specialist clinics: Inherited cardiac conditions, service lead for familial hypercholesterolaemia

Principal genetic counsellor

Athalie Melville

  • Area covered: Southampton and Isle of Wight
  • Specialist clinics: Endocrine, growth and imprinting disorders clinics

Genetic counsellors

Catherine Willis

  • Areas covered: Winchester and Basingstoke
  • Specialist clinics: Joint oculogenetic clinic

Jess Harvey

  • Areas covered: Southampton
  • Specialist clinics: Neurogenetics and Huntington's disease, supervision of MSc genetic counselling students

Emily Pond

  • Areas covered: Portsmouth

Niamh White

  • Areas covered: Dorset
  • Specialist clinics: Disorders of sexual development, renal multidisciplinary team meetings

Charlene Thomas

  • Areas covered: Southampton

Specialist nurses

Carolyn Redman

  • Areas covered: NF1 Wessex region, NF2 Wessex region and Oxford
  • Specialist nurse practitioner for neurofibromatosis (NF) 

Angela Cazeaux

  • Areas covered: Wessex region
  • British Heart Foundation (BHF) specialist nurse in familial hypercholesterolaemia

Specialist registrars

  • Dr Stephanie Greville-Heygate, Dr David Hunt, Dr Rachel Firth and Dr Andrew Douglas

Family history coordinators

  • Beverley Dell, Darren Law, Nisha Ross and Kay Docherty