We believe in delivering high quality care, being aware of every woman's individual needs and promoting their wellbeing, health and dignity.

Bramshaw women's unit is a 21 bedded ward on H level at the Princess Anne Hospital. We care for ladies experiencing problems in all the specialties that gynaecology encompasses: surgical oncology, urogynaecology, general gynaecology, laparoscopic treatments and early pregnancy. Ladies experiencing difficulties during the first 20 weeks and six days of their pregnancy come to the Bramshaw unit. We also care for patients undergoing breast surgery and some general surgical procedures. Bramshaw accepts patients directly to the ward via their GPs or sometimes ambulance control; these patients are seen on the ward, avoiding the emergency department.

The pre-assessment team - pre-assessment is undertaken on all elective surgical patients prior to admission. This ensures they are fit for surgery on day of admission. During this visit the patient is seen by the nurse, and if necessary the doctor and anaesthetist and any investigations needed are carried out, for example, x-rays and blood tests. The team is based on E level at the Princess Anne Hospital.

The early pregnancy unit and the emergency gynaecology unit (EPU/EGU) take referrals from GPs and the emergency department by a process of booked appointments. 300 to 350 pregnant ladies are assessed in EPU each month, either by a nurse and if required a doctor. Ladies suffering from severe morning sickness are also seen and treated on a day care basis in this unit.

The hysteroscopy and colposcopy unit has clinics running on weekdays. You will be seen by either a doctor or a trained specialist nurse. Many minor procedures can now be carried out in these clinics as outpatient interventions.

The day surgery unit admits patients for surgery that day and providing they are fit enough, they are discharged home later the same day. Also a majority of major cases are admitted through this unit prior to their operation.

The urodynamics department provides extensive, specialised investigations and treatments of bladder conditions. This team is led by a consultant physiotherapist.

Our team

Because of the sensitive nature of the work that is undertaken on the women's unit we believe in providing a holistic approach to the care that we give, using teamwork and incorporating the support of other members of the multidisciplinary team.

  • Bramshaw ward manager - Fiona Durno
  • Pre assessment sister - Donna Stafford King
  • EPU/EGU sisters - Mandy Rees and Liz Millard
  • Colposcopy sisters - Michelle Eele and Nikki Webb
  • Theatre and day surgery unit manager - Mark Fine
  • Day surgery unit sister - Charlie Aldridge
  • Urogynaecology lead - Kathleen Vits
  • Physiotherapist - Sita Dixit
  • Gynae oncology nurse specialists - Lisa Young, Emma Widlake, Fiona Cheung and Lucy Harrison
  • Ultrasound clinical lead - Famida Sadak
  • Fertility manager - Karen Ralph
  • Chaplaincy
  • Outreach

Consultants and specialties