The endocrine system is a system of glands, each of which releases a type of hormone to help control and regulate the body. Our endocrinology service sees patients locally as well as providing specialist service to the wider region. We offer joint specialist clinics in pituitary disease with neurosurgery, and in reproductive endocrinology with the fertility service. We also hold a carcinoid and thyroid lump clinic, which includes diagnosis and treatment of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal abnormalities.

We work closely with the breast imaging team and the ear, nose and throat surgeons. Our two specialist endocrine nurses organise investigations, and run nurse-led services.

Meet our team


Dr Ma'en Al-Mrayat, clinical lead

Dr Al-Mrayat is a consultant endrinologist, with special interests in pituitary, neuroendocrine, thyroid and adrenal conditions.

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Emmanuel Abu

Dr Emmanuel Abu

Dr Abu is a consultant in chemical pathology. He's director of regional forensic toxicology services, and co-director of clinical biochemistry at UHS

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Derek Sandeman

Dr Derek Sandeman

Dr Sandeman is a consultant endocrinologist, with special interests in diabetes and general medicine.

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Dr Beata Brown

Dr Brown is a consultant endocrinologist.

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