About us

ultrasound room

The Wessex Fetal Medicine Unit is based in Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital, a centre of excellence for maternity care.

The unit has:

• Dedicated scanning rooms
• State of the art 3D and 4D scanning machines, which are upgraded regularly
• Separate counselling rooms

Staff on the unit strive to bring a friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere to their work.

Appointments are given generous time slots, and parents are given every opportunity to ask questions and have time for reflective thought.

Some women with difficult pregnancies are advised to give birth at Princess Anne Hospital rather than in a district hospital, as there are other regional specialties in Southampton who may need to care for the baby soon after birth.

Paediatric surgery

If a baby is found to have a problem that will require surgery after birth on an ultrasound scan, then we will involve the paediatric surgical team in your care. They will discuss the postnatal management of your baby, and arrange for you to meet other staff and visit the surgical unit where your baby will be cared for.

Paediatric cardiology

Some mothers are referred because their baby is suspected of having a heart abnormality. We scan with the paediatric cardiologists to identify whether there is a problem and, if so what the diagnosis is so we can advise on the effect it will have on the baby and the treatment that may be needed.

Neonatal unit

The neonatal unit looks after babies who require additional medical and surgical care after birth. It is situated at the Princess Ann hospital, and is a tertiary unit accepting babies from across the Wessex region. The close proximity of Southampton General Hospital just across the road, allows easy referral if required. The unit works closely with colleagues in paediatric surgery, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, genetics and other disciplines.