Professional midwifery advocates

Professional midwifery advocates help midwives provide safe care for you, your baby and your family. We make sure that the care you receive from your midwife is right for you, will meet your needs and is given in the right place and by the right person. 

We are experienced midwives who have had additional training and education to enable us to help midwives provide the best quality care. 

How we can support you

We can help you by:

  • listening to any concerns you may have about your maternity care and take action if it is felt to be appropriate
  • supporting you and your midwife to plan your pregnancy care and plan for the birth of your baby
  • discussing with you the most appropriate choices for you and your baby
  • helping to resolve any disagreements about your maternity care in an unbiased and impartial manner
  • talking to you if you are unhappy about your birth outcome or treatment.

Contact us

We can be contacted from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week. A member of our team is always available to provide support, advice and guidance to mothers, families and midwives. 

  • Telephone: 023 8077 7222 (Ask for the professional midwifery advocates on-call.)