DVT and other venous assessment

In the vascular laboratory group, we provide diagnostic services for patients with acute vascular disorders such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and chronic disorders such as leg ulcers.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

DVT or clots in the veins can be a serious problem, and need to be treated by specialists. We see over 2200 patients each year, using duplex ultrasound. Ultrasound assessment for DVT is non-invasive, and is similar to the scans used for pregnant women. No needles are used, and the procedure is usually painless, although you may have some temporary discomfort. It involves moving an ultrasound transducer over the limb affected by the suspected DVT. The measurement takes up to 30 minutes.

The results are accurate, and we work closely with emergency medicine who treat patients following scans. We aim to offer appointments within working two days.

Venous leg ulcer services

Around 300 patients a year come to us for assessment of venous disorders, and to have their treatment assessed.

Tissue viability assessment

We assess the viability of tissue at risk of ulcers using laser doppler flowmeter and ultrasound to measure the transcutaneous partial pressure of oxygen (TcPO2).

We have a lot of experience in wound healing, and diagnose and provide expert guidance on skin at risk of ulcers. We work closely with vascular surgery, the diabetic foot group and leg ulcer services. 

Diagnostic microvascular assessments

We measure skin blood flow using laser doppler flowmetry to assess the control of small vessels by the nervous system.

Our microcirculation tests provide information about the level of perfusion and oxygen as well as blood vessel control, and help in managing chronic pain. We work closely with specialist medical and surgical groups in offering this support.

Meet the team

The service is headed by Mr Geoff Roberts with support from Carol Collins, Puja Patel, Ellie Smith and Jenny Rutherford.

Contact us

Call 023 8120 6109 for appointments. Please note that we can only accept referrals from a GP or hospital consultant.