Key people

The radiation protection group includes four physicists. We also regularly host trainees as part of the healthcare scientist training programme (STP).


  • Ben Johnson joined the team in 2014 as head of group. He is one of the Trust's radiation protection advisers (RPA), the Trust radioactive waste adviser (RWA) and medical physics expert (MPE) for diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and CT. His research interests include radiation dosimetry and x-ray quality assurance. You can contact Ben via email
  • Clare Joy is a principal clinical scientist and is the Trust's laser protection adviser (LPA) and lead for non-ionising radiation protection.You can contact Clare via email
  • Ruth Bradley is a clinical scientist, who joined the team in 2015 after completing the healthcare scientist training programme. Her research interests include CT and radiation dose monitoring. You can contact Ruth via email
  • Fiona Wall qualified as a Clinical Scientist in 2015, having completed the Scientist Training Program. She has recently joined the Trust from Barts Health NHS Trust. You can contact Fiona via email