Nuclear medicine physics services

Our services play a key role in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. Some of these roles are determined by UK legislation covering the medicinal use of unsealed radioisotopes, whilst others are recognised as good practice.

We have three simple aims in our work:

  • To ensure we provide support to allow our customers to safely use ionising radiation for non-imaging, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine.
  • To improve the quality and effectiveness of radiation exposure as part of medical audit and to ensure doses are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).
  • To communicate scientific and regulatory developments, enabling customers to adopt best practice and have confidence in the standard of their work.

We believe these are achieved by a combination of

  • investment in the right people
  • development of the right systems of work
  • good communication.

Our core services are ISO 9001 accredited.

Our services

Diagnostic support

We provide advice on all scientific and technical aspects for diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures, supporting the diverse work of the clinical departments we look after. We also provide support for the various IT and image processing solutions that we have developed to support efficient clinical service delivery. 

Molecular radiotherapy (MRT)

We work together with a wide range of clinical and scientific professionals to ensure molecular radiotherapy (such as DOTATATE, Xofigo and radioiodine) can be delivered safely to patients. We provide dosimetry advice and practical assistance to clinicians caring for patients undergoing MRT.

Quality and governance

We operate within an ISO 9001 quality management system and manage the nuclear medicine quality assurance programmes at UHS. We survey equipment, performing trend analysis of results to get early warning of problems, maximising imaging system uptime. We undertake a continuous risk-based programme of updating procedures to make sure they meet local clinical demand and also follow, or exceed, international standards.

We currently support a range of SPECT/CT equipment, with PET/CT due to become available at the Trust in 2015.

Service development and research

We can support all diagnostic and therapeutic services throughout their lifetime, which includes introducing and validating new acquisition and processing techniques, tailored to each site’s local needs and resource.

We assist in equipment selection, risk analysis and business case development and work closely with the radiation protection group within our department to ensure compliance. We provide annual audits and review with a report detailing progress and any issues outstanding, helping local staff to manage both their immediate and long-term department needs.

We can provide professional training to staff and facilitate independent peer reviews of services where appropriate.

Find out more about our research and development activity.

Meet the team

Our clients at UHS and externally have access to the following professional support

  • a medical physics expert (MPE) led nuclear medicine physics team
  • a radiation waste adviser (RWA).

Nuclear medicine physics is part of the imaging group in medical physics, led by Dr Matt Guy.

Our team members are

  • Dr Matt Guy (MPE, RWA)
  • Dr Livia Tossici-Bolt
  • Gemma Lewis
  • Efstathiois Varzakis

Contact us

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Nuclear medicine physics group
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