Celebrating our first year

G7, the enhanced dementia care ward, has now been operational for a year. We're celebrating how much we've achieved and thinking about our plans for the future.

What makes G7 special?

'The staff are what makes G7 so special ... they all go above and beyond every day for their patients.' - Janine Field, senior nurse

'We build strong bonds with the patients and their families and this enables us to provide excellent patient centred care.' - Jo Mortimer, ward sister

'G7 reinforces the fundamentally important need to view each patient as a person and not define them by their illness.' - Stephen Hicks, matron

'All the ward staff were very supportive of me and judged their attitudes perfectly ... it was made very clear to me that they saw their role as supporting me as well as my wife.' - Husband of a recent patient on G7

Grand opening event

Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 4-8pm
Lecture theatre one, south academic block, Southampton General Hospital

To celebrate G7 ward's first birthday, we're officially opening the ward with a launch event. Staff members, families and friends of patients and anyone who's interested in dementia care are invited to join us for a range of exciting and informative talks, with refreshments provided and a drinks reception afterwards. Topics will include:

  • What is an enhanced dementia care ward and what do we offer on G7?
  • Patient stories: impacts on patients with dementia and their families
  • What do we want to achieve next in medicine for older people?
  • The research evidence for specialist/enhanced dementia care wards.

For more information and to book your free ticket for the event, visit Eventbrite.