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Services: Medicine for older people

  • Acute medical care – We provide acute services for older people at Southampton General Hospital and Lymington Hospital. In addition, through the support provided by rapid response services we can care for many people in their own home.
  • Outpatients – We provide a comprehensive outpatient service within the acute service and in community locations.
  • Trauma and orthopaedics – This involves providing medical input to the management of patients admitted to hospital with fragility fractures and other trauma, including the medical management of patients who suffer from hip fractures.
  • Community – We work closely with our community partners to assess patients with the aim of avoiding their admission to hospital.
  • Dementia – We have a dedicated team and ward for dementia patients and we assess every patient over the age of 75.
  • Pharmacy – Almost all patients receive some sort of medicine during their time in the hospital. The pharmacy department makes sure the medicines you take are safe, appropriate and cost-effective.
  • Rehabilitation – We access a number of facilities across Southampton and south west Hampshire to restore function so often lost following an illness.
  • Advanced care planning – This is planning for the future in old age to ensure wishes are catered for in the event of illness.
  • End of life care – We provide expertise in the care of older people at the end of their lives, particularly in conditions such as heart failure, cancer and dementia. We have a close working relationship with the palliative care team.
  • Advocacy for older people’s healthcare – The majority of people needing healthcare are over 65 years and we champion the needs of this group in a rapidly evolving health and social care environment.
  • Development, evaluation and commissioning of services for older people – We work with our partners in community health, primary care and the local council as well as the University of Southampton to ensure that services for older people are high quality, efficient and cost effective.
  • Research – Service development and evaluation of our services is enhanced by research projects done in collaboration with academic geriatric medicine in the University of Southampton. We have one of the strongest groups in this area nationally.
  • Education and training – We provide specialist undergraduate and postgraduate medical education as well as training for all members of our multidisciplinary teams from across the region.