The anaesthetic department has over 70 consultants providing a specialist led service to all divisions within the Trust, supported by skilled staff grades, associate specialists and anaesthetic trainees.

Our work includes pre-operative assessment where patients are screened, undergo investigations (where necessary) and counselled regarding the surgery and anaesthetic.

This may involve :

  • general anaesthesia,
  • regional anaesthesia (such as epidural or spinal),
  • local anaesthesia (for example for eye surgery) and
  • sedation. 

We provide services for all types of surgery and for patients of all ages.

Safety is at the heart of anaesthetic practice; we have reviewed our infection prevention practices as part of this, and were proud when this was recognised with the 'Hospital Heroes' Infection Prevention award last year.

Anaesthetists also provide:

  • appropriate anaesthesia for the type of surgery, in the operating theatre
  • pain relief (analgesia) for theatre and the recovery period post operatively
  • specialist pain advice as part of the Acute Pain Service
  • epidural pain relief where necessary for delivery on the Labour Ward in Princess Anne Hospital
  • care of critically ill patients in Intensive Care , High Dependency with support (outreach) to the wards and the Emergency Department .

Contact us at:

Anaesthetic Department Mail Point 24
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Rd,
SO16 6YD

Voice and answer phone 023 8120 6135, Fax 023 8120 4348

For more information on your anaesthetic please discuss with your Anaesthetist. However the Royal College of Anaesthetists website provides additional useful patient and relative information.