What happens when I see a Dietitian?

If you are staying in hospital, your ward nurse or doctor may refer you to a Dietitian.

They will have done an assessment which gives an indication of your level of nourishment. This will help to identify if you need to see a Dietitian.

What the Dietitian says to you will depend on your circumstances. They will come to your bedside and assess your needs. They may offer advice on food and drinks you should take (or avoid).

If you are unable to eat or drink, they may suggest a new diet regime, based on your, individual requirements.

For example, if you are unable to eat solid foods, the Dietitian will develop a plan to give you all the right nutrients and vitamins through a tube instead.

If your GP has referred you to see a Dietitian you will be invited to a one-to-one appointment or a group session depending on why you need advice.

You may be given a food diary to fill in during the few days before your appointment. The Dietitian would then discuss that with you before offering advice and suggestions for improving your diet.