Our facilities

Inpatient facilities

Our trauma and orthopaedic unit at Southampton General Hospital is made up of four wards, two elective and two trauma.

  • F1 - 32 beds
  • F4B - 30 beds
  • F2 - 26 beds with a fractured neck of femur unit (4 beds)
  • F3 - 28 beds

We are currently refurbishing wards to create more beds and improve facilities for you.

The unit is supported by a professional radiology service, pre-assessment and outpatient departments and a multi-disciplinary team of therapists.

Outpatient and pre-assessment facilities

Outpatient consultations and fracture clinic are mainly held at the Royal South Hants Hospital.

Review clinics, which you'll come to after attending the emergency department with an orthopaedic condition, are held at Southampton General Hospital.

Pre-assessment clinics are mainly held at Southampton General Hospital. As part of our drive to continually improve our service, we have started bringing the pre-assessment process forward to selected outpatient clinics.