Cardiothoracic radiology

Cardiothoracic radiology is one of six sections of the radiology care group, providing radiological expertise for the Wessex cardiothoracic centre. Its consultants and staff have a wide range of experience in adult and paediatric cardiac medicine and surgery, thoracic surgery and chest medicine. It is an integral part of the cardiothoracic unit and there is a long history of close co-operation between the various professional groups involved.

The team also provides services for the diagnostic tests and treatment done in the cardiac catheter labs and cardiac MRI scanner at the hospital. 

Medical staff

Our consultant cardiothoracic radiologists are doctors who specialise in interpreting medical images of the chest.  They also perform certain types of investigations and treatment that rely on imaging techniques. 

Radiographic staff

The radiographers are trained professionals who operate the imaging equipment and take care of patients during examinations or X-ray-guided treatment.  They are senior staff who have specialised in this complex discipline. Radiographers who operate equipment used for taking diagnostic images are classed as diagnostic radiographers.

Adminstration staff

The clerical team support the unit with typing results and making appointments.  They may be your first point of contact with the team.

The cardiothoracic radiology admin pffice is situated on E level, North Wing close to the cardiothoracic wards and the cardiac catheter laboratories at Southampton General Hospital.