Cardiothoracic radiology

We provide radiological expertise for the Wessex cardiothoracic centre. Our staff have a wide range of experience in adult and paediatric cardiac medicine and surgery, thoracic surgery and chest medicine. 

The team also provides services for the diagnostic tests and treatment done in the cardiac catheter labs and cardiac MRI scanner at the hospital.


Mobile x-rayOur diagnostic radiographers provide the x-ray service for the cardiothoracic care group. X-rays give useful information about the size and shape of the heart, and enable us to check the conditions of the lungs.

Many people need to be x-rayed on the ward following surgery or other procedures. We have several mobile x-ray machines which are used regularly throughout the unit.

Cardiac catheters

We also provide the radiographic service for the cardiac catheter labs at Southampton General Hospital. This specialist department carries out a range of diagnostic tests and treatment for adults and children with heart disease, some of which are treated as emergency interventions. This service is provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

Cardiac MRI

MRI scans can produce detailed and accurate assessments of the heart and the blood vessels it supplies. Our dedicated unit with specialist staff and equipment provides services to patients across a large part of the south of England. Read more about cardiac MRI.