Radiology day case unit

We have a day case unit, run by nurses with specialist radiology training, where you can be directly admitted for investigations and treatment rather than being in a bed on a ward. You may be referred to the unit after being seen by a consultant in the outpatients' department.

We can carry out the following procedures as day cases:

  • Liver biopsy post-TIPSS venogram
  • Lung biopsy CT portogram 
  • Renal (kidney) biopsy leg venogram
  • Bone biopsy embolization of fibroid
  • Spleen biopsy embolization of varicocele
  • Catheter or tube change sedation for MRI/CT
  • Cholangiogram thyroid biopsy
  • Angiogram/arteriogram trans-rectal biopsy of prostate
  • Therapeutic joint injection discogram
  • Lipiodol angiogram aspiration of cyst.