Meet the team

Find out about our team of specialist staff working at the respiratory centre:


Nursing team

You're most likely to see one of our specialist nurses when you come to the respiratory centre. They co-ordinate many of our services, from your initial referral to being discharged.

Respiratory centre manager

Jon Watson

Community team manager

Katherine Austin

Community respiratory sisters

Claire Dossett, Rachel Porter, Louisa Smith, Samantha Brownsea, Samantha Gearing and Nikki James

Nurse specialists

Sarah Quarrell (interstitial lung disease), Claire Duffus (asthma and allergy), and Gillian Potter (immunology)

Respiratory centre nurses

Sarah Maleczek, Ali Collins, Vicky Watson and Carol Williams

Wider team


Denise Gibson (consultant physiotherapist), Sarah Ewles (lead physiotherapist), Naomi Kench (community respiratory physiotherapist) and Rakhee Patel (respiratory specialist physiotherapist).


Laura Flower

Pulmonary function technicians

Linda Jackson (lead), Paul Bontoft and Paula Pearson