Meet the team

The dermatology team at the Trust is a dedicated multidisciplinary team of specialists. 

Michael Ardern-Jones

Dr Michael Ardern-Jones

Dr Ardern-Jones practices general dermatology including skin cancer, paediatrics and inflammatory disease. He has a specific clinical and research interest in eczema and allergy and runs a specialist adult eczema and paediatric allergy and eczema clinic.

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Keith Godfrey

Professor Keith Godfrey

Professor Godfrey is lead consultant for paediatric dermatology in Southampton and has a substantial research programme directed at improving health in childhood and adult life through new interventions addressing the origins of common chronic diseases during early development.

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Professor Eugene Healy

Professor Healy is professor of dermatology at the University of Southampton. He practices general dermatology at UHS (including skin cancer and inflammatory skin disease), and runs a specialist service for psoriasis (including treatment with UV, systemic agents and biologics) and a specialist skin lymphoma service.

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Catriona Henderson

Dr Catriona Henderson

Dr Henderson specialises in skin cancer and photodermatoses and is the lead for skin cancer at the Trust. She previously gained experience in dermatology in Tanzania and worked as a consultant in York.

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Helen Lotery

Dr Helen Lotery

Dr Lotery has experience in general dermatology, skin cancer, skin cancer surgery, emergency dermatology, and vulval dermatology. She is the undergraduate course coordinator for the University of Southampton.

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Sarah Macfarlane

Dr Sarah Macfarlane

In addition to skin cancer and cutaneous surgery, Dr Macfarlane has broad expertise in general dermatology, including vulval dermatology and dermatological disorders presenting in black skin.

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Michelle Oakford

Dr Michelle Oakford

Dr Oakford has experience in general dermatology, skin cancer and skin surgery and is the lead for undergraduate training and clinical effectiveness.

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Dr Birgit Pees

Dr Birgit Pees

Dr Pees has extensive knowledge of all aspects of dermatology, skin cancer, dermatological surgery and cutaneous allergy.

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