Chaplaincy at Countess Mountbatten House

The spiritual care of patients, relatives and staff at Countess Mountbatten House is catered for by a multi-denominational chaplaincy team based at Southampton General Hospital. The Chaplains are here both for those who have formal religious needs and also for those who are not religious but are trying to make sense of what is happening to them in their life and would like to talk to someone, in confidence.

We visit Countess Mountbatten House regularly during the week and on Sunday mornings, and offer a 24 hour on-call service for urgent needs.

Our main task is to discern and respond to the spiritual and religious needs of patients, relatives and staff, to have time for people, and to help to provide the vital spiritual ingredient of holistic care. The experience of a life threatening illness often leads people to examine their life, their relationships, their hopes and their fears, to talk about their losses and hopes, and to seek for a new equilibrium and understanding. Chaplains work with patients and families at whatever level feels right for them, and also support and resource medical and nursing staff in their provision of spiritual care. The search for existential meaning is one in which we all share, as we travel alongside people for a part of their journey.

We will gladly offer specifically religious ministry to patients who would like to receive the sacraments, or to pray, according to their own tradition, and we will always help to contact the patient's own minister if they ask us to. We can also contact leaders and members of other faith groups. In November each year, we hold a Memorial Service for the families of patients who have died during the year, and hope that this helps people on their journey through grief.

There is a quiet room in the day care centre which is always available to patients, relatives and staff. It is kept as a special place for prayer and stillness, for people of all faiths or none.

Ward staff will ask patients if they would like a Sunday visit from a chaplain, but they can always make contact with us, either through our office or through the 24 hour on-call system at the Southampton General Hospital switchboard.