Shops, facilities and site information

  • Please give any post to reception.
  • There is a tea bar serving snacks and hot drinks in the hospice reception area (self-service if unattended).
  • The canteen in the Tom Rudd unit is open to visitors and patients, from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

There is also a quiet room for use by patients and relatives. If you wish to make use of this room please ask a member of staff.

Visiting hours

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you between 2 and 8pm every day. Special exceptions can be made - please contact us to discuss this.

Children of any age are welcome and there are some toys in the day area, just inside CMH. If you would like a pet to be brought to visit, please speak to our nursing staff. There is a room available for relatives to stay overnight if needed.

Patients and visitors must not smoke inside the unit. There are sheltered areas outside.

Fire alarms

Our fire alarms are tested once a week. You'll hear intermittent bells ringing for about 20 seconds. At Countess Mountbatten House this takes place on a Wednesday morning.

In the unlikely event of a real fire, the alarm bells will ring continuously until the area has been made safe. An intermittent ring means there is a fire in an area near you. In both cases please follow the advice of staff who have been trained in fire safety. If you discover a fire, please contact a member of staff or go to the nearest break glass point and raise the alarm.

Wheelchairs and disabled access

Wheelchairs are available, please ask at reception.

There is also a disabled parking bay for the use of people visiting patients staying here. Please speak to us if you would like to use this.

Information for patients, families and carers

Find out more about Countess Mountbatten House in our patient information booklet.