League of Friends

We work to improve the care and comfort of patients, visitors and staff, above and beyond what the NHS can fund and provide.

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Our volunteers are all unpaid, and our running costs are truly minimal. Over the last five years, more than £800,000 has been gifted to purchase a variety of items from carpets, ward curtains, walking frames, chairs and trolleys to sophisticated hi-tech equipment. This equipment can cost tens of thousands of pounds and is used for ever more complex investigations, diagnosis and treatment of an increasing number of patients. You can find our more about our donations on the League of Friends website.

We ask all our volunteers to be prepared to give at least three hours per week (more if you can) working at one or more of the activities below.

  • We have a shop on the entrance level where volunteers are welcome to assist by helping customers or stacking shelves.
  • We have coffee bars on F level and on level A near the oncology department. We welcome new visitors and volunteers to help out.
  • We run a trolley service visiting all wards for patients and staff, selling newspapers and other small comfort items. This is a rewarding opportunity to meet both patients and staff.
  • Cashiers are needed to manage the money collected at the activities above.
  • We need volunteers to manage the inventory for the coffee bars and the main shop and ensure they are well supplied.
  • We have a small office on B level. Secretarial and filing help is always gratefully received.
  • Bequests are most welcome and donations assist in keeping our work active. We need volunteers to encourage these gifts.

Travel and other incidental expenses are available and volunteers are encouraged to share transport wherever possible. For further information call our office on 023 8120 6314 or e-mail Noreen.Purvis@uhs.nhs.uk.

You can find out about wider volunteering opportunities with the Trust here.