League of Friends of the Eye Unit

The League of Friends of the Eye Unit is a separate charity from the main League of Friends. It was formed in 1983, when members of the League of Friends decided to raise money for new equipment to use in the treatment of eye conditions here at University Hospital Southampton.

Volunteers for the League of Friends of the Eye Unit provide support services for patients and staff, including giving directions and guiding patients around the hospital. They also run a fully-equipped tea bar in the outpatients department on B level, hold table-top sales and organise a Christmas raffle. All profits go towards state of the art equipment for the eye unit, helping to identify eye problems earlier and prevent the devastating prospect of sight loss.

The League could not carry out its fundraising without the support of its dedicated volunteers, who over the last five years have been able to donate £500,000 to the eye unit. If you would like to volunteer for the League, please call 02380 770876 to speak to Beryl Gatesman (chairperson). Alternatively, you can email Beryl.

You can find out about other volunteering opportunities with the Trust here.