Improving your hospital

There are a number of exciting improvements happening in and around your hospital.

Improving accessibility and parking

Our location within the heart of a residential area makes tackling the accessibility and parking challenge that we face a tricky one. We can’t expand into outlying areas, and there are planning restrictions on the height we can build to on our current site.

Despite that, we have developed a plan that works within these parameters to make the site more user-friendly for patients, visitors and staff whilst also easing pressure on nearby residential roads. It’s a forward-looking plan that ensures we can cope with the forecasted increase in demand for our services. 

Our aims

  • to make the site more user-friendly for patients, visitors and staff
  • to ensure we can cope with the increasing demand for our services
  • to increase the number of on site parking spaces, while making it easier for drivers to find available spaces
  • to reduce hospital related parking in nearby residential roads.

Freeing up spaces across our site

SGH site November 17

The creation of a new staff multi-story car park off Coxford Road means we're able to relocate hundreds of staff out of many of our other car parks to create more space for patients and visitors.

key nov 2017This will help to ease capacity and free up over 300 spaces in the blue car park (Laundry Road) and also the yellow car park (Princess Anne Hospital). 

The majority of these additional spaces are now ready for you to use and are located off Tremona Road (blue car park). 

Reducing congestion 

We're working to reduce congestion around our site in a number of ways:

  • We've installed smart patient and visitor active signage to direct patients and visitors to available spaces. 
  • We've upgraded the barrier machines to speed up entry and exit from all patient and visitor car parks. These have also now been renamed orange, blue and yellow car parks to make the site easier to navigate. 
  • We've changed the access road and routing of the cars within the hospital grounds to create a more balanced flow of traffic using Tremona Road and Coxford Road exits onto the local roads. 
  • We've created some open surface parking spaces for all to use and for high vehicles on the right as you enter the site off Tremona road.
  • We've moved the drop off bays nearer to the new main entrance front doors.
  • We've invested in sustainable travel with improved cyclist and pedestrian access, improved cycling facilities and we're continuing to liaise with all the commercial bus companies whose routes stop around the hospital site. Find out more about using public transport to get to Southampton General Hospital.

Improvements to the yellow car park (Princess Anne Hospital)  

Work will soon begin on the re-lining of some patient and visitor spaces in the yellow car park at Princess Anne Hospital, to ensure that they can accommodate modern day vehicle sizes.

Parking enforcements

We now operate parking enforcements around the site for any vehicle not parked in an appropriate space at the Southampton General and Princess Anne Hospitals.

The enforcement charge will be £70; however, this will be reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days. All surplus income generated from the enforcement will also be used to develop parking facilities and sustainable travel services.

Linear accelerators

Last year we were awarded funds by NHS England to invest in new radiotherapy equipment. We’re now in the process of building a new radiotherapy bunker near the eye and oncology units, which will house this new equipment. The first of our six new linear accelerators (known as linacs) will be installed towards the end of 2017. Our other five linacs will be replaced over the next three years. 

The new equipment will enable us to deliver clinically advanced, specialist treatments including stereotactic radiosurgery, as well as improving treatment times for patients. Find out more.


Children’s emergency department

We’re still fundraising for the creation of a bespoke children’s emergency department, which will see the continued development of the building adjacent to the current emergency department. Being the only paediatric emergency and major trauma centre in the south, it’s essential that we have a facility that enables us to create a safe and specialised place for our younger patients to receive the very best care and attention. Talks are already underway with the contractors and we will share news as plans are developed. Find out more.