Patient information leaflets

When you’re having hospital treatment for an illness or injury, we know there can be a lot of information to take in. We don’t want to bombard you, but there are certain things it’s important for everyone to know. For example, what to expect during your stay in hospital, how to avoid pressure ulcers and how to ensure your thoughts on our services are heard.

We’ve made our essential patient publications available for you below. You’ll see these leaflets displayed in our clinical areas too.

Essential information for patients

Your stay in hospital

Preventing infection  

Preventing pressure ulcers

Preventing blood clots

Tip to help you rest and sleep in hospital

Visiting hours

Carers are welcome here

Leaving hospital

Have your say on our services

Additional essentials for children

Children’s services

Minimising infection during your child’s stay

Information in other formats

If you require a version of a publication in large print, Braille or on audiotape, please call 023 8120 4688 for help.

Tell us what you think

We aim to ensure our publications are as clear and patient friendly as possible. If you have any comments about our patient information, we’d love to hear them. Please email:       

Browse our other patient information leaflets below. Find information on things like changing your appointment, visiting times and infection prevention in Patients and visitors. You can find full information about each department and service in Our services or by using the A to Z of services.