Visitors and families


UHS is a smoke free site. Please use the designated shelters on the boundaries of the site.

Mobile phones

Please switch these off when you are within the hospital as they can interfere with hospital equipment

Bringing gifts

A visit from a friend or a relative can make a world of difference to our patients and many like to receive gifts while they stay with us.


Shops, catering and facilities

Each location has different facilities. Visitors to the Princess Anne Hospital can also use the facilities at Southampton General Hospital, which is a very short walk across the road.


Please ask at the reception areas at the main entrances to each hospital or ask the volunteer guides (dressed in blue jackets) who are near the main entrances to Southampton General and Royal South Hants hospitals. For directions to the hospital locations and parking and transport information, see


Post is delivered to the wards twice a day. Please write clearly the full name of the patient and their ward, and include your return address.  If the patient has been discharged we will try to forward the item, but if we can't we will return it to you.

Parent and child changing facilities

  • Southampton General Hospital - C level, east wing, off the stairwell.
  • Princess Anne Hospital - E level outpatients department.
  • Royal South Hants Hospital - B level.

Fire drill

Our fire alarms are tested once a week when you will hear intermittent bells ringing for about 20 seconds.

In the unlikely event of a real fire the alarm bells will ring continuously until the area has been made safe. An intermittent ring means there is a fire in an area near you. In both cases please follow the advice of staff who have been trained in fire safety. If you discover a fire, please contact a member of staff or go to the nearest break glass point and raise the alarm.

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