Your choice of hospital

As an NHS patient, you have the right to make decisions about your care.

You can choose your hospital and have a say about the type of care you want to have.

We want to support your decisions by telling you more about our hospital, the people who work here and what we can do for you. 

Our hospital is different from others in the Southampton area and here’s why:

Top doctors

Many of our doctors (often called consultants) are leaders in their area of medicine.

This means they are well known among other doctors working in hospitals in England and around the world. They have a reputation for the excellent results they are achieving for their patients.

Many of our consultants are developing exciting new types of treatment. Because of this we can often offer you the latest techniques slightly earlier than other smaller hospitals.

Read about our latest developments and new treatments in Connect magazine.

Keeping you and your family safe

The safety of our patients and their visitors is our top priority.

 We have an outstanding record in this area and we are a very safe hospital for MRSA. You can help us to protect you by carefully following the procedures and policies we have in place. In particular we request your support for our hand washing policy and ask that you follow all instructions for cleaning your hands.

Please let your nurse know if you have any safety concerns while you are in our hospital. Read more about our infection control policies.

Respecting your time

We know how busy you are so we don’t want to keep you waiting when your problem needs sorting out.

It shouldn’t take long to see one of our consultants even though we are a very popular hospital.

What’s better is that we can usually sort out lots of things for you in one appointment. We can do scans, take blood, give medicines and provide physiotherapy.

Because we cover just about every area of medicine you won’t be sent to any other hospital if your condition is more serious than you expected. We have everything here for you. Use the A-Z of Services to find the service you need.

Find out how quickly you will be seen.

We’re listening

We are one of the first hospitals in the country to collect patient opinion at the bedside.

It means we know what patients are saying today about the care on our wards. If there’s a problem we go and investigate to make sure our standards are always high.

Its not just the medical treatment we ask about, because it’s often the little things that matter most.

How were you greeted on arrival? Were your belongings kept safe? Could we have done more to help you have a quiet night’s sleep?

These are the sorts of things we want to know, so please talk to us about your care.

We’re a team

Our hospital is a team of 8,500 people!

We are electricians, housekeepers, chaplains, scientists, cleaners, nurses, speech therapists, surgeons, engineers, receptionists, pharmacists, builders, audiologists, matrons, midwives, play specialists, teachers, mircobiologists, porters, health care assistants, carpenters, psychologists, professors...and we even include a PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog called Fred.

A lot of people are involved in looking after our patients. Find out about joining our team.

A friendly welcome

We like to think you’ll find us to be cheerful, friendly and supportive.

We are proud of the trust you have placed in us to look after you and we want to live up to the expectations you have for your care.

We don’t want to lose touch with you just because you are better, so please join our membership scheme and we’ll tell you about what’s going on in the hospital.