Patient meals

Patients are served three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and supper). Snacks are also provided in between your meals and a choice of hot and cold drinks are served throughout the day.

Breakfast is served on your ward by the ward host, hostess or nurse.

Lunch and supper meals are steam cooked using microwaves which are located in ward kitchens. The service includes ward hostesses who are fully trained in all aspects of food hygiene standards.

The standard menu for lunch and supper is available at each patient's bedside and gives options for gluten-free, low sodium, vegetarian, high energy and lower fat meals as well as softer foods and diabetic options.

If you have any other dietary requirements, for example if you would like the Halal, Kosher or Asian vegetarian menu, please speak to ward staff.

Our specialised diet kitchen continues to cater for patients with specific medical dietary requirements such as food allergies.

Menus are also available in a large print format and Braille and have been translated into Turkish, Farsi and Bengali – please ask ward staff.