For investigators

Our R&D team is built around the hospital's four clinical divisions. Our divisional research managers provide one point of contact for all aspects of study setup and delivery.

Please contact your divisional research manager, who will work with their team to support you throughout the research process:  

Division A

Surgery, cancer care, critical care and theatres

Hope Howard (

Division B

Emergency medicine, medicine for older people, ophthalmology, pathology and specialist medicine     

Richard Brooks (

Division C   

Women and newborn, child health and support services

Emily Stimpson (

Division D

Cardiovascular and thoracic, neurosciences, radiology, trauma and orthopaedics

Brandy Coote from September 2017; in the interim please contact Ailsa Duckworth (


If you are unclear which division your research comes under, please contact Ailsa Duckworth (

Information about our research management process, facilities, resources, training and support can be found in the links on the left hand side.