Ailsa Duckworth, head of research and development

Ailsa is responsible for the operational oversight and management of the R&D team and deputises for the acting assistant director of R&D and director of R&D.


Tel: 023 8120 5131

 Ailsa is currently on maternity leave. 

Leading R&D operations for patient benefit

Ailsa aims to help the trust achieve its vision of becoming one of the top 10 clinical research organisations in the UK. She does this by ensuring efficient set up and delivery of clinical research, actively supporting strategic developments and operational management of UHS R&D policy and procedure.

Ensuring effecient, effective research

The R&D team ensures that patients benefit from improved healthcare by ensuring that all research is scientifically and ethically sound, and is properly resourced, supported and delivered.

The team undertake a number of important governance functions that together ensure that research is undertaken to the highest standards, is delivered efficiently and translates into improvements for the health and wellbeing of our patients and the local population.

Working across Trust and university

The R&D team works closely with many teams within the Trust, University of Southampton and research areas to provide support in the research process.